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 [MJ-R/M]Our Darkest Hour

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PostSubject: [MJ-R/M]Our Darkest Hour   Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:17 am

This is starting off in Bad Era Razz it will later on lead into other eras, i dont know which era I will stop on. Oh well
~**Warning**~ this is a Rated R story so sexually themed materials and strong violence you will have to be
aware of... Other than that, let's enjoy this mystery, sad, happy, suspenseful story Very Happy

Our Darkest Hour
Chapter 1:

I was sitting in the back of my black stretch limo, heading to a big party my good friend was throwing at her huge mansion down town L.A. California. Not too far from my Neverland home. Dressed in black, long silk tux... scented with the finest, and my best cologne; vanilla abstract... I check my watch.

8:01 P.M.

Damn.. This is the first I've been early to anything. I thought to myself and turned back to the window. Lights were everywhere, and everything sparkled like my sequenced glove. That was only because it had rain the day before and a bit earlier today. It was wet outside.

In about 5 minutes, we pulled in front of where my friend, Steveanna Johnson, had rolled out the red carpet. Of course, knowing that I am Michael Jackson, I had to step out in alert. Anybody could just come and bombard me or something. Once I stepped out that limo, the people that were being blocked with the fences were all screaming as if they'd seen some superstar. Wait, they did. It was me. Being the biggest that I am comes with a price. This was one of them. I'm surprised I hadn't gone deaf yet.

Finally making it to the front entrance, Steveanna met me there.

" Michael, you made it," she said with a big welcoming smile introduced with a hug," and you're early! That's a first." All I did was smile back and looked around this huge mansion... It was dark, there were flashy lights, party streamers... everything a good party would have.

I looked into her eyes," Of course I would never be late for you, Anna." Her cheeks turned a rosy pink and she fluttered her lashes, giggling. Someone was yelling.. Calling for Steveanna, so we turned our heads to the right seeing some man walking up to us.

" Hey girl. The others will be here shortly, just doing some finishing tou-" he stopped in mid sentence, getting a glance at me. Then i finally figured out who this man was, Chris Tucker. A smile immediately spreaded on my face as he came in for a hug.

" Mike man! You're early." he said smiling. The hug subsided as I chuckled," I am sure everybody I talk to tonight, will say that. Michael Jackson can't be early, he always have to be late, huh?" I said in third person. Steveanna cleared her throat," Sorry to break up this little reunion but I have to get back to the party." Chris came in," Alright." and I looked behind me like I were looking for someone.

Steveanna walked from us. Her toned legs walked perfectly in the mini green dress she was wearing tonight. Beauty in the shinning lights. But... She's still not my type, I said to myself. Chris tapped my shoulder," Man... Steveanna is so beautiful tonight. Right or wrong?"

" Right, man, but I'm not attracted." I said still glancing her up and down.

" Well, I want to get with her. Think I have a chance?" he asked me. I stared at him out of focus, then back at her. " Sure if you try. And no cheating this time." Chris licked his lips and fixed his collar on his white tux and started to pimp walk towards Steveanna. I shook my head at what I was seeing, I mean what else could I do?

An hour into the party, it was full but it was still room for dancing. I talked to many people, flirted with the woman who flirted with me first. Steveanna know how to throw good parties, I have to give her that. I sipped on my red martini drink and looked at the main entrance.

" Michael Jackson."

A voice was calling my name. It sounded familiar, who was it? I don't know, nor did I care because someone beautiful was coming through those doors.

" Michael. Michael!" I finally snapped out of my trance to see who was calling me. Feeling embarrassed, I saw I was ignoring my best friend, Liz. No other than the great Elizabeth Taylor. Boy, did I love this woman. She is always loyal to me.

" Liz!" I got up and went in for a hug. She let go a bit to get a good look at me," Didn't know you would be here right now. I thought you would at least come when it's five minutes till its over." I giggled at her sense of humor. Then I remembered the woman I saw at the door and looked in that direction. Liz noticed this so she turned her view to the woman.

" Go talk to her." She smiled. I looked at her, blushing softly," Liz, you read me like a book. I'm nervous." Liz took my hand and caressed it gently," Michael, just be yourself. I know that look in your eyes." Smiling from ear to ear, I might as well try to talk to her.

The closer I got the faster my heart rate increased. She was wearing a silk red strapless dress that stopped midway on her thighs and high heels. Her hair was long and curly, my God, it looked so soft. Her skin, a light brown hue.

Think. Michael, THINK! I cleared my throat and she looked in my direction and smiled. I winced, thinking she was about to attack me for being who I was like any other crazy fan would do. So I closed my eyes and prepared for impact.

" Are you okay?" I opened my eyes and loosened up when I saw she wasn't about to jump me, I smiled in embarrassment

She held her hand out," Tina... Tina Jones." I took her hand and shook it," Michael... Well, you should know that haha." Tina shook her head in a way to let me know she understood me. We began small talk as we walked around the room, shared a couple of drinks and snacks. This night was going well. About 45 minutes later, the DJ decides to play a slow song. Almost everybody gestured their bodies to the dance floor; even Chris and Steveanna. I smiled at them, then looked at Tina.

All of those beautiful people, dancing; moving their body to the slow beat of the music.. I wouldn't mind dancing myself. Someone's staring at me... I turned my head in Michael's directions who has my full attention. He smiled, showing all perfectly white teeth, and I smiled shyly back. Michael held out his hand.

" Would you like this dance, my lady?" he said politely. I giggled a bit at the way he said that and put my hand into his and he guided me to the dance floor. We swayed swiftly to the motion and music as if we were the only ones on the dance floor. I looked over at the other couples, carefully...as if examining. Then he spoke.

" Do you know how beautiful you're looking tonight Tina?" lowering his voice, I felt his breath on my neck and I answered him quietly," No, I don't think so." Then I looked at him directly," I don't think I'm that pretty."

" Girl don't you ever say anything like that again. You're beautiful." he said with a sparkle in his eyes. I felt as if I were being watched, and i looked to the left without turning my head and saw some woman staring at me. It was making me uncomfortable. " Are you alright?" Michael said, snapping me out of my trance.

" Yes, why?"

" You were getting tense..." He said worriedly, I shook my head," N-No... It's that woman over there, I think she's staring at me or something." Michael looked around and saw who I was talking about and he chuckled and waved his hand off to her, all she did was stare like some kind of blood thirsty maniac.

" Oh, that's just Steveanna. She's a good friend of mine. She won't bite."

Yeah right...I thought to myself trying to shake off what just happened. About 30 minutes later, It was almost 1 in the morning, and Michael and I were mingling around, meeting new people... I saw him repeatedly checking his wristwatch, like he was about to be late. " Michael, are you alright?" I asked him. Michael looked at me for a second, I would have thought he forgot who I was.

" Oh, yes. I'm fine, but I really got to go now." He reached for something in his back pocket and held it in front of me," Here's my card. You should give me a call sometime." I took the gold colored card that had his initials and number on it and stared in awe, it was pretty. Michael embraced me quickly and then headed for the door. I cocked my head, incredibly curious as to what is going on..


Damn it!
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[MJ-R/M]Our Darkest Hour
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